iPhoneX Review : First Impressions, Price, Availability

iPhoneX Price begins 89,000 INR in India
iPhoneX Price begins 89,000 INR in India

Priced in India starting at 89000, the iPhone X has a tough army of Android flagships to beat. It comes at a price no well-done Android phone has dared to ensign (except for the Vertus of the world with Alligator skin and real rubies!). After all an aspirational trait is not what a true trooper fights with. The honour Apple anticipates for its super expensive phone will have to be earned purely on good performance. The iPhone X in India started pre booking on October 27. The iPhone 10 can be bought in two classic shades; silver and space grey. Iph10 price 89,000 for 64 GB variant and 1,02,000 Rupees for the 256 GB iphX variant.

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Glossy back with dual camera is surprisingly NOT a finger print magnet!

An all screen 5.8 inch display is not new but Apple fans might rejoice for the company has finally crawled up to agree with the ‘all usable screen’ trend, which android devices introduced several years back on mobile phones. End to end screen is cool indeed! Look at the Google Pixel XL or Huawei Mate 10 Pro for that to be true. These two devices have full screen usage up front and understand that the use of basic geometrical shape is necessary for smooth phone usage experience.

Now look at the little blackout space on top of the screen on the iPhone 10. Feels like a window blinder on the limousine that won’t roll, fully up and annoy every time you try to look out the window of your very expensive car that promised comfort.

You will notice that the apps in Apple store have not been updated to sit plush on the full screen. Two black ribbons will fill the top and bottom of the screen while using most apps.

No headphone jack on iPh10
No headphone jack on iPh10

The metallic frame-work around the iPhone 10 looks plush. From my eyes I find the design of the iPhone 8 & 8x so much more appealing with the nearly single body built. That said, the iPhone 10 feels good to hold but I still don’t understand the price tag to justify the feel of it! I use expensive Apple products on a daily basis and I know they justify the cost (albeit repair costs!)

The unlocking of the phone now can be done using your face (FACEiD), which is not possible with the older iphones. The iPh10 dual camera is way better than that of 8X. It has those little tweaks like better aperture and image stabilization on both cameras that no other iPhone offers. Making iPhone10 superior in its family for camera performance. 


iPhoneX Price begins 89,000 INR in India
iPhoneX Price begins 89,000 INR in India

One aesthetic change that puts the iPhX ahead of other phones is the glossy finish on the front and back. It is truly impressive to see how both sides do not hold the fingerprints like other glossy phones do.

iPhonex 256 GB available sold at 1,02,000 INR
iPhoneX 256 GB available sold at 1,02,000 INR

Stating the obvious, the speakers and charging port stay at the bottom. Left spine has the volume rockers. Sim card slot sits on the other side.

There is something about the Apple products that I wish will be changed in the future. They are a bit difficult to handle in cold weather! Picking up my Mac air or the chrome framed iPh10 gives me the chills. It is no crime to cover the laptops with 3rd party skins but covering iPh10 might defeat the purpose of its beautiful built.

iPhone10 has also said goodbye to the headphone jack. There is no Home button as obviously notable. This also means that the button-triggered shortcuts have changed. Screenshot can now be taken with the combination of TopVolume+SleepButton. The Sleep button long pressed will wake up Siri.

The iPhone 10 can be bought in two classic shades; silver and space grey
The iPhone 10 can be bought in two classic shades; silver and space grey

The screen on iPh10 is OLED and the first time Apple has used one Bet it took long to get it right. Android phones have had the OLED for a while but not to the best of OLED ability.

I reckon an iPhone can be best compared only to its own family members. It’s a family that likes to refer to only pure bloods while innovating.

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