Indian Accent Gourmet Opera : Drama on a Food Plate


What drives your imagination to indulge in a plate of gourmet preparation? The mere name of the dish or the sight of succulent composition of artistically plated food that will conceivably tingle your taste buds more than the imagination? A well plated dish prevails to be the ultimate invitation to discover cordon bleu.

To understand and commend the art of food plating, LuxuryVolt will bring to you arguably, the most innovative and experimental plated gourmet dishes from across the world, in a special series called ‘Gourmet Opera’. Starting from home country, India.

Indian Accent: By Chef Manish Mehrotra.
Indian Accent is located in New Delhi and New York.
Speciality? Clever reinvention of Indian food.
Shot with Honor 8 dual lens camera.
Gourmet Opera 
Gobindo Bhog Kheer: Indian rice pudding with dollops of sorbet and sun-dried fruits.


I have seen and eaten Kheer cook to perfection. With the finest saffron threads soaked to profuse flavour or freshly-ground cardamum to freshen-up the condensed milk. Kheer is an Indian delicacy that will taste delicious, served hot or cold. The usual accompaniment to the rice in the condensed-milk-dessert are dry fruits. Never had I imagined that fruity sorbet could top all that up and yet taste delicious without taking attention away from the hero!


The Gobindo Bhog kheer is prepared to be served cold. The Kheer, which is the hero of the dish, sits dominantly as the base. It is what you will dip your spoon into, every time and also finish with it. To evade monotony in flavour, a crowd of vacuum dried, not sweetened fruits, including berries is sprinkled on the Kheer.


The surprise element of the dish is the sorbet. Not too sweet, very fruity dollops of berry and mango sorbet. It adds the lightness and freshness to a dessert that could have been heavy if it was just the hero’s dish.

The Gobindo bhog Kheer is a must try at the Indian Accent.

The images above were shot using depth sensor on the Honor 8 camera. Images were edited using the basic adjustment features in the edit mode, inbuilt Honor 8. 
Gourmet Opera : Tofu Kofta with Quinoa Pulao



At first sight, Tofu Kofta with Quinoa Pulao, barely looks like an Indian dish. Perhaps because we are trained to drown the Kofta or fried balls in a curry! A Kofta reigning its glory above the curry layer seems alien.

Chef Manish Mehrotra and Chef Shantanu have cleverly reinvented the presentation of Kofta with Pulao, in this dish. Traditional Indian cooking involves various intrinsic steps. Yet we don’t do justice to every texture and flavour developed during the process when we serve curry dishes.


“Tofu Kofta with Quinoa Pulao is based on the famous Indian dish called ‘Malai Kofta’. Kofta is fried, usually. When you fry something there should be a texture to it. Often we tend to drown it in gravy and dilute the texture to become soggy. That defeats the purpose of giving the Kofta a crispy texture! To honor the texture, at Indian Accent, we don’t drown it in the curry. This dish is plated to allow the dinner to enjoy all textures of the Kofta dish”, explains Chef Manish Mehrotra.

The Kofta is plated like a hero in this dish and the hero adorns a halo of crispy potato ring around it! Tempted to crack it already? Indian Accent serves delectable three course meals at the New Delhi restaurant with a-la-carte also available. We recommend the three course gourmet designed by the sue chefs.

The images taken in this post are from the very able Honor 8, a device that will not disappoint in bright day light or in low night-light. The image of the Tofu Kofta is taken using the night mode on the Honor 8.

*Images are copyright of Luxuryvolt.

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