Geneva Auto Show 2016, Top Dream Cars 2016

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Geneva Auto Show 2016, Top Dream Cars 2016
Koenigsegg Agera Final

Koenigsegg bids adieu to its iconic Agera line with one last hurrah. It was one of the fastest production cars in the world, and the Agera Final doesn’t disappoint. Only 3 will be made, and they will be the brands most individual project ever with potential buyer’s allowed an unprecedented level of customization to the cars to make them truly unique.

Geneva Auto Show 2016, Top Dream Cars 2016

The one displayed at Geneva is the One of One, replicating the mind-boggling power to weight distribution of the ultra-fast track car One:1. With 1360 HP, and weighing in at 1380 kgs, the car has a perfect power to weight ratio and one very satisfied owner.

Geneva Auto Show 2016, Top Dream Cars 2016
Spyker C8 Preliator

The previously defunct Dutch Supercar maker is back with a bang with a refreshed version of their earlier A8 Aileron model. The name Preliator is commemorative of the brand’s fighter plane manufacturing heritage.

Geneva Auto Show 2016, Top Dream Cars 2016
Hardly a Dream at $350,000 Huh!

It promises to be super rare, with only 50 being built. The heart of this beast houses a 4.2 litre V8 which will generate a tear-inducing 525 HP. The car is absolutely stunning to look at, strongly resembling a fighter jet on wheels. It even has gold coating on a beautiful glass roof, just like a fighter plane. This piece of Dutch madness will set you back by $350,000.

Geneva Auto Show 2016, Top Dream Cars 2016
Rinspeed Etos Concept

This one is a very special concept. Swiss tuners Rinspeed have basically taken a BMW i8 and fitted it with tons of technology with its very own drone. Result? It can drive itself! Does not need a human to pedal it! The car itself is steeped in technology, featuring a folding steering wheel, twin 21.5-inch curved display monitors, a camera system with virtual mirrors that activate when a driver looks at them and active eye-tracking to name a few.

Geneva Auto Show 2016, Top Dream Cars 2016
Smart Technology

There is technology called active cell-phone-signal monitoring, which informs occupants how long they have to finish a conversation before entering a call drop zone. This is the future. And a very good looking one at that.

Geneva Auto Show 2016, Top Dream Cars 2016
Arash AF10

The Arash AF10 is the best example of Madness and Opulence in the automotive world. Built by a small British outfit, it is a 2080 HP Hybrid Hypercar. Take that Toyota Prius! This red hot car from Geneva show is twice as powerful as a Veyron!

Geneva Auto Show 2016, Top Dream Cars 2016
Googly to Bugatti by Arash

That 2080 HP figure comes from a supercharged 6.2-litre V8 paired with four electric motors. Each electric motor generates about 295 HP, which is a fraction less than most hot hatches in the market! The entire chassis is carved out of carbon, and also has aluminum front and rear sub frames. Want one? 1.1 million Pounds and some very large cojones and it is all yours.

Geneva Auto Show 2016, Top Dream Cars 2016
DS E-Tense Concept

French automaker DS has come up with a quirky concept called the E-Tense. The car is gorgeous to look at, resembling a cross between an Audi R8 and the Lexus RC F. The interior sports a leather helmet harness by Moynat, a mounted watch by BRM Chronographes that doubles as a wristwatch, and speakers from Focal.

Geneva Auto Show 2016, Top Dream Cars 2016
Concept Supercar

This Grand Tourer has an electric powertrain making almost 400 HP that can do 0-60 mph in 4.5 secs. Couple that with a range of almost 360 Kms, this is a very potent electric sportscar . for any city. You have the world’s attention DS, make it real.

At Geneva Motor Show 2016,  Ferrari, Bugatti, Lamborghini and Porsche have all debuted drool worthy automotive excellence. But there are some spectacular pieces of vehicular art that might just have slipped under your radar! Take a look at the top 5 dream cars 2016 so far.

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