MB&F Back to the Future with HM6 SV At SIHH 2016

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Just when you wonder where’s MB&F’s creative zing after looking at their first SIHH launch ever (LM101 in Pt.) the boy gang drops one of their super high-end and probably the most expensive timepiece. MB&F Horological Machine No.6 SV is the newest addition to the HM6 family. The SIHH 2016 MB&F launch’s SV in the name stands for “Sapphire Vision” and it really feels like you are wearing Virtual reality glasses when looking at the watch. The movement, sandwiched between the curved sapphire glass domes pops-out like space ships from 3D star wars movie.

News Points
MB&F launches the Horological Machine No.6 SV at SIHH 2016.
The top and bottom of case is made of total 11 sapphire crystal machined parts.
The centre of the timepiece features a flying tourbillon with a semi-spherical shield.
Two domes in front indicate time while the two at the back encompass the two turbines.
Available in super limited edition of 10 pieces in both red gold and platinum case.

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How did MB&friends achieve this crazy watch? The most challenging production aspect of this timepiece was controlling the sapphire crystals. With two large case plates for the front and the back and a total of 9 domes, this transparent wristwatch has an astounding 11 sapphire crystal parts. Each of the part of the SIHH 2016 MB&F launch was machined from a solid chunk of sapphire crystal which in itself was a challenge. Sapphire crystal is the second hardest natural mineral found on Earth after diamond. Imagine the efforts put into transforming them into complex forms and shapes! After getting the glasses in the desired shapes and polishing them, they had to be meticulously glued together with a special technique carried in a vacuumed environment.

According to the brand, the design for HM6 SV is inspired by the late “Art Deco” style. The curves and the streamlined case band are directly derived from the concept of “biomorphism” which takes inspiration from naturally-occurring shapes and forms found in the nature. However, the beauty of HM6 SV is that it provokes different thoughts for different individuals. I look at the HM6 SV as a derivative of some futuristic and scientific aerodynamic model and few of you might even agree with me.

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Nevertheless, all of this wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for the movement or so-called “Engine” of HM6 SV which took more than three years to develop. The two front spheres concealed in the dome indicate the time in hours and minutes. They are made of ultra-thin aluminum metal and rotate vertically on ruby bearings. The largest dome seen in the center of the timepiece encompasses a marvelous flying tourbillon. MB&F have made the watch future-ready by adding a semi-spherical shield for the flying tourbillon, to protect the oxidation of oils from ultraviolet radiations. Not sure if it was really necessary but the level of detailing and imagination is certainly admirable. The two domes at the back carry the spherical turbines made of aluminum which rotate with the help of the self-winding rotor. Each of the 475 individual part used to construct the movement was developed from scratch and the movement produces a total of 72 hours of power reserve.

MB&F Horological Machine No.6 Sapphire Vision is available in a super limited edition of 10 pieces in both red gold and platinum. With case dimensions of 51mm x 50mm x 22.7mm on the wrist, neither you nor the people around you would be able to take their eyes off this extreme masterpiece.

*Words by Yogen Bobde

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