Luxury Yachts for James Bond: 007 Battles In Deep Blues!

Heard the latest buzz, in town? Highly placed sources from an esteemed secret service have told us that a secret agent is looking for a yacht. Wonder ,who? The iconic MI-7 agent, James Bond, is on the lookout for a new ride. Nope, not a super car, but a super yacht. Car chases are getting too mainstream, huh! While he might have his friend ‘Q’ build a super yacht befitting 007 style, we, at LuxuryVolt, have decided to do our bit to promote world peace! Here is our list of the best futuristic yachts for James Bond


Yachts for James Bond: The Aston Martin AM 37 Yacht

 Given his long term association with the brand, there is a high possibility that James Bond might like the AM 37. After all, the one person who can vouch for Aston Martin’s reliability is 007! The AM 37 combines the pleasure of sport driving with supreme luxury making it the perfect Yacht for James Bond. The AM 37 is the ‘gran tourismo’ luxury powerboat, with a top speed of 44 knots! It’s design and engineering use of some of the finest materials available on the planet.


The powerboat comes with an electric anchor system, a swimming platform and an innovative sliding deck. The sliding deck covers the operating deck at the click of button (how very James Bond!), covering the entire yacht for his tuxedo parties and after-parties. Other creature comforts include a dining table, a luxurious interior cabin with a double bed and LED screens.


 Yachts for James Bond: The Kormaran Convertible Yacht


The Kormaran powerboat is a fully customizable powerboat. It can take the shape of 4 different boats in one! Depending on the needs of Mr. Bond. This powerboat uses carbon fibre and titanium, extensively. Addition of an engine, giving out a massive 493 hp makes sure that nothing is faster than this, in the deep blues.


The hydraulic arms around the boat help it take on different situations. There is the ‘Normal Mode’, nothing to write home about, the ‘Catamaran Mode’, for the high speed chases and the very intriguing ‘Flight Mode’. In the flight mode, the entire hull of the boat is lifted out of water, giving it greater speed and efficiency. Given 007’s love for doing things in style, this convertible flying yacht would surely give all other competitors a tough challenge to be the Yacht for James Bond.


Yachts for James Bond: The Beuhler Thunderclap 38 Yacht


One thing Beuhler is known for is it’s rich heritage. It has found it’s way into the hearts of a lot of famous celebrities, who share a deep affection for luxury. Even James Bond has used the Beuhler Turbocraft, before. Remember the 1965 Bond movie ‘Thunderball’? Having used it once, we believe that 007 might give Beuhler another shot. Beuhler has come up with the Thunderclap 38 to attack the luxury market. The exterior area includes a bathing area and sun deck, crafted with immaculate style. Usage of fine fabrics by Perennials, soft leather to drape the interiors as well as teak and copper can be seen. Endowed with a generous owner’s cabin, this James Bond ride has daylight windows. There is also a summer kitchen and a full entertainment system. While it might not help Mr. Bond catch the bad guys, it can surely double up for his leisure time, with his lady love and martinis. But, after the job is done, of course!


Yachts for James Bond: The Wet Rod by Strand Craft Yacht


The Wet Rod by Strand Craft has already entered production phase. It is powered by a 330hp TDI V8 from Volkswagen. Another option is the 370hp engine from the same supplier, in case 007 needs some more steam! These engines will allow a top speed of 80 mph. Amazingly fast, isn’t it! Design exudes quality and luxury. This yacht has an iPad and iPhone dock, along with a GPS and stereo. Strand Craft has made generous use of high quality materials like carbon fibre and wood, for the ultimate experience.


Yachts for James Bond: The Monaco 2050 Yacht


Last but not the least, we have the Monaco 2050. Designed by the Russian businessman Vasily Klyukin, this audacious and flamboyant yacht boasts of some features unheard of. It has a detachable jet and a helicopter, that can take off vertically from the deck. What?! Yes! This super-yacht for 007 boasts of a variety traveling options!


The upper deck of this ‘Spectre’ hero’s ride is the detachable aircraft. Highly useful for Brit spy as it closed all modes of travel for his enemies. Sadly, it still hasn’t left the design board. The yacht remains a distant reality, as the number in the name suggests! However, if the world gets endangered by some serious criminals, we hope that the MI-7 responds by building this marvel for Daniel Craig or his prodigy.


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